b'MANUFACTURER SPOTLIGHTMADE IN AMERICA TWIST AND SEAL CORD PROTECT COMMERCIAL TREE RINGS The Twist and Seal Cord Protect is specifically designed to COL-MET commercial tree rings are made of prime steel andfit standard homeowner extension cords. Protecting the cord are perfect for surrounding trees or creating circular plantingconnections on string lights, bird baths, fountain pumps, and beds. Commercial tree rings add interest to the base of youryard lights is a breeze with the Cord Protect. The patented trees and wont interfere with the mowing of surroundingsealing system and built-in strain relief will keep connections grass. COL-METs tree rings can survive for years in anytogether and the water out. Proudly made in the USA.weather, saving you money over time. Tree rings are availableTWIST AND SEALin 2.5-6 diameters and come with the necessary stakes.888-945-4545 OR TWISTANDSEAL.COMMade in the USA. FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 124COL-MET800.829.8225 OR COLMET.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 122 3 & 1 PAINT RING REUSABLE POURINGALL-PURPOSESPOUTINDUSTRIAL GLUE The reusable paint Gl is a proprietary all-purposering snaps onto a glue originally formulated forstandard 1-gallon commercial applications inpaint can to protect bonding disparate plasticthe pan cover groove materials. We used thisand provide a pouring industrial formula in assemblingspout that can be wide one of our products for itsand narrow. It features strength and fast bond time.a magnetic holding pad for When a (non-plastic) repairbrushes and recycles dripping paint need arose in the warehouseback into the can. Made in the USA.requiring a strong adhesive,PAINT RINGwe tried this product. Perfect401-369-6321 OR PAINTRING.COM results. It worked on all materials, and especially effective forFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 125plastics. Made in USA, 100% pure glue, with no solvents! K-CO PRODUCTS LLC949-276-5252 OR DAVID@KCO-PRODUCTS.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 1238 CUTTINGEDGE ProductsMay 2020'