b'DEAR RETAILERS,The global pandemic is changing our lives in ways we could never have imagined. It hasPublished bycreated anew normal that has forced many businesses to temporarily close or changeAJS Communications.hours of operation. The government has directed everyone to shelter in place and practice1404 Afton Circle, social distancing. Its a challenging time for our nation and other countries around the world.Barrington, IL 60010However, when life throws us a curve ball, people in this country have a remarkable way of looking out for one another in a crisis and pulling together. I see it happening every day, andADVERTISING SALES so do you. As a matter of fact, many of you are the first to lend a helping hand to your friends and neighbors.Midwest/Great Lakes TerritoryTony SarantakisBusiness owners plan to be prepared for the unexpected. Yet, its not always possible in circumstances beyondPublisheryour control. The oldest hardware store in the country was founded in 1796. It has survived world wars, the847-934-9515Great Depression, natural disasters, and untold challenges. After more than 220 years, its standing strong.Tony@CuttingEdgeProducts.orgThats what each of us must dostand strong. Use this time to adjust your business plan and think of creativeWest Coastways to take your operation to the next level. Keep learning and reading books that inspire you to be a greatKristy Dziukalaleader and doer. Stay connected to your community of fellow retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers to get815-353-9493insights on how to navigate these rough waters.Kristydziukala@gmail.comHopefully, it will soon be safe for all of us to attend buying markets, shake hands, and engage in up-closeNorth & South East Territoryconversations. Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Barry Kingwill/ Jim Kingwill847-537-9196, X 1 & X2Great Selling, Barry@kingwillco.comTony Sarantakis, Publisher Jim@kingwillco.comEDITORIAL AND MEDIA Wanda LenoirEditorial Director CONTENTS wanda@homeimprovementretailer.comMADE IN AMERICA PAINT & SUNDRIES6Answering the Call for22Post Painting Tips on Pinterest American Made Products 24, 34 Product Spotlight Free Product Information!8Product Spotlight Complete the Reader PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL Service Form on page 46 SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS 35Product Spotlight to get more information 105 Trends You Need to Know about the products and 11Employees Feel GoodHOUSEWARES & CONSUMABLES services advertised in our 38Getting the Scoop on Housewares magazine.About Giving Back 40Product Spotlight Remember to circle the 12Gen ZThe Future of Retailitem numbers listed below LAWN & GARDEN HARDWARE & BUILDING SUPPLIES the ads or products.42Specialty Services Keep 13Backyard Chefs Fire Up Sells Receive a quick response!16Product Spotlight Customers Coming Back43Product SpotlightFALL MARKET FALL MARKET FALL REUNION CONVENTIONAug. 27-29 Sept. 1-3 Sept. 11-14 Oct. 2-4 Oct. 20-22Las Vegas Las Vegas Indianapolis Philadelphia OrlandoDates are subject to change. Please check convention websites for current status and updates.May 2020 CUTTINGEDGE Products 5'