b'WIRELESS CALLBOXESTHE MOST RELIABLE EMPLOYEE CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS & EMPOWERYOUR STAFFWHEN A CUSTOMER PUSHES THE CALLBOX BUTTON.1. The callbox plays a message confirming that store personnel have been summoned to their location.2. A message is transmitted to all radio equipped workers that assistance is needed at the customers location.3. A retail associate instantly responds to the request, creating a great customer experience.CALLBOX COMPATIBILITYCB200 | Analog Callbox for Indoor UseCompatible with CLP, CLS, RM, RD Series Radios(CB200-U for use with UHF Radios; CB200-M for use with MURS Radios)CB300-D | Digital Callbox for Indoor UseCompatible with DLR & DTR Series RadiosAVAILABLE AT ACE, TRUE VALUE, DO IT BEST & UNITED HARDWAREContact us to purchase your callbox and ask about custom branded inserts for your store!Learn more about callboxes on the web atCONTACT US FOR INFO ON CURRENTwww.acsradios.com/wireless-callboxes MOTOROLA PROMOTIONSFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 119MOTOROLA AUTHORIZED VENDOR TO: motorola@acsradios.com | 800.248.5391 | www.acsradios.comAce Hardware | True Value | Do it Best | United Hardware#1740 #45864 #4522 #0803 MOTOROLA, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their registered owners. 2020 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.'