b'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTHARDWARE & BUILDING SUPPLIESSPECIALTY SERVICESKEEP CUSTOMERS COMING BACKBy Wanda LenoirKEY AND PIPE CUTTINGS pring is an ideal time for hardwareReplacing keys is just part of life. When Photo 155011031Arne9001 - Dreamstime.comstores and home improvement centers to promote specialtythey are lost or misplaced, it can be services that often fly under the radarupsetting and inconvenient. However, and are frequently overlooked by cus- when you can head to the local tomers. Todays DIYers are eager tohardware store to have new keys patronize businesses that offer quickmade, it can give you peace of solutions to simple problems. If youmind. Selling replacement keys is a provide services that help customersgreat way to bring in new customers reduce the amount of time spent onwho may not be familiar with your unpleasant projects, complete routinebusiness and what you have to offer. tasks, and make it convenient to one-stop shop, youre ahead of the game. DELIVERYProviding delivery service is a great way to ASSEMBLY SERVICE attract pro customers who place large orders Can customers purchase products in your store and haveand prefer to have merchandise delivered to the job site. them assembled for a reasonable fee? This option is idealIt can also be an excellent option for DIY customers who for grills, mowers, RTA lawn furniture, and bikes. Offeringare working on landscaping projects that require lots of this service may seal the deal for those customers who valueplants, fertilizer, and outdoor dcor. Customers appreciate it their time more than the small amount of money required towhen you recognize their needs and take action to make it let a professional assemble the product correctly and have itconvenient for them to do business with your establishment. available for immediate use. SMALL INSTALLATIONSREPAIR SERVICE There are many small projects that customers can complete Those of us who live in cold climates are keenly aware thatthemselves if they carefully read the instructions and follow one of the downsides of warmer weather is flies, mosquitoesthe directions they are given. However, they may feel more and other flying insects. So, getting door and windowcomfortable letting someone who has been there and done screens repaired is a necessity for anyone who wants tothat do the installation for them. Typical projects that fall keep indoor environments pest free. Glass repair and acrylicwithin this category are faucets, door locks, and screen sheet cutting are equally important when unexpecteddoors.mishaps occur, and replacements must be completed immediately. Other types of repair can include smallPROMOTING YOUR SERVICESengines, lawnmowers, and specialty blade sharpening. Many customers have no idea what services are available because they rarely see the information posted in-store or RENTALS on your website. Start by posting signs on the windows to DIYers with the skills to tackle more complex projects andget the attention of pedestrians who are walking by. Posters pros may opt to rent the tools they need for a single projectshould also be displayed in high-visibility areas inside the rather than purchase them. Your business may offer profes- business. Also, post information on your website and social sional-quality power tools, garden equipment, or sanders, ormedia. If you offer customers circulars, mailers or postcards, carpet cleaners. Its best to designate a specific area wherehighlight one or more of the services you provide. Consider customers can inquire and conduct transactions if rentals area special offer such as a free key, or 20 percent off a rental a vital contributor to the profitability of your business. or installation. 42CUTTINGEDGE Products May 2020'