b'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTHOUSEWARES & CONSUMABLESBEES WAX FURNITURE POLISHThe Original Bees Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish is simply amazing. Use it on wood, leather, marble, granite, wrought iron, stainless steel, glass and mirrors! It leaves no fingerprints, has no wax buildup over time and requires NO BUFFING! It prevents fogging on glass and is excellent for cleaning mirrors. It makes granite, marble, corian and silestone acid-resistantRICE KRISPIES TREATS SNAP CRACKLE POPPERSto protect from spills acidic juice andSnackers are sure to love the latest flavor additions to the beverages. Use to clean and polishRice Krispies Treats Snap Crackle Poppers lineCaramel stainless steel, copper, brass, silver,and Vanilla Crme. These bite-sized, dipped squares of the etc. Prevents soap scum buildup ondelicious, marshmallowy snack your customers crave are shower doors and tile walls. Cleans, moisturizes and restoresnow unwrapped and ready to pop and share on the go. Also vibrant color to leather furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, etc.available in Chocolatey and Cookies N Crme.with no greasy feel. Ideal for restoring the natural beauty ofKELLOGGSwood furniture, prevents dryness. Made in the USA. KELLOGGSSPECIALTYCHANNELS.COMSHOPBEESWAX FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 144844-673-3729 OR EMAIL: ADMIN@SHOPBEESWAX.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 142 STAINLESS STEEL CLEANERMilsek has been developing trusted products for more than 100 years. Our One-step Stainless Steel Cleaner removes fingerprints and grease without streaking. Its easy-to-use and has a pleasant coconut scent. Made in the USA. MILSEK 800-216-9517 OR MILSEK.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 145 NEW! PASTE WAXCHEEZ-ITWax-It-All is a high-Cheez-Itthe always baked, never fried favorite brand withquality paste wax that 100% real-cheese flavornow offers White Cheddar andcan be used in and Extra Toasty flavors in larger, 7-oz. recloseable pouches.around your home when Larger pouches drive higher price points for increaseda safe, food-grade wax sales and profits while giving your shoppers flavor variety,is required. This one-portability and shareability to satisfy their all-day cravings. of-a-kind paste wax is perfect for reviving and KELLOGGS protecting wood, stone, KELLOGGSSPECIALTYCHANNELS.COM metal, cement, paint, and FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 143 plastic surfaces. Wax-It-All nourishes and protects a multitude of surfaces, helping them look better and last longer.HOWARD PRODUCTS, INC.805-227-1000 OR HOWARDPRODUCTS.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 14640 CUTTINGEDGE ProductsMay 2020'