b'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTHOUSEWARES & CONSUMABLESON HOUSEWARESC olorful displays of cookware, kitchen gadgets,MAKING COFFEE AT HOMEand trendy appliances can be an engaging wayAccording to the National Coffee Association, 79 percent to create a profitable niche and attract newof coffee drinkers make coffee at home as opposed to customers. Often, Home Improvement Centers and hardwarepurchasing it at a coffee shop. Innovative brewing stations stores concentrate on making the paint department the focalmake it simple and affordable for people to become their point for style and inspiration. However, the housewaresown baristas. Retailers who sell expresso machines, single-department is also an area ripe with opportunities.serve brewers, or other caffeine dispensers can promote Selling housewares can have visual impact, and enable youthem in creative ways, and generate add-on sales. Consider to create displays that can keep your business looking freshholding product demonstrations on the weekend, and and relevant. Todays housewares incorporate new colorgiving away free cups of coffee. The coffee can represent trends, contemporary designs, smart technology, and earth- different coffee-growing regions around the world to make friendly options. They continue to evolve based on consumerthe taste-testing fun, exciting, and educational. demand and popular culture.COOKING SMARTCONVENIENCE REIGNS SUPREME Starting dinner before arriving home, or monitoring Consumers want appliances that save them time and makeactivities related to food is more convenient than ever life easier. Two good examples are air fryers and hot pots.with the assistance of wi-fi enabled technology and home In some cases, multiple functions have been combined intoassistants. While many of us are familiar with precision a single product. They can cost less than buying severalcookers, there is a wide range of smart products on the products and require less counter space to operate. Inmarket.These small devices require little space to stock in addition to being functional, housewares can also be stylish.your store. They cater to consumers desire to own products that use new technology connected to smartphones. COOKWARE GOES GREENAs society becomes more health-conscious, the cookware we use to prepare our foods is becoming green to reflect concerns about the individuals well-being. For cookware manufacturers, the word green is defined as nonstick aluminum cookware that is free of two chemicals PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). KEEPING THINGS FRESHThere are departments in your store, such as plumbing or electrical, where product assortments change slowly. However, thats not the case with housewares. Customers expect to see new products and creative displays. Keeping the department looking fresh will motivate customers to shop and buy. Selling housewares is your chance to stand out from big box stores and to create a unique shopping experience that customers will happily discuss with their family and friends. ID 90072750Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime.com38CUTTINGEDGE Products May 2020'