b'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTPLUMBING & ELECTRICAL PRO POWER PLUNGERK-COs Johnny Jolter Pro Power Plunger was already a powerful way to unclog a toilet with just one push. The re-designed piston and new ergonomic design has made it the most powerful and effective plunger available on the market today. In tests, this new Johnny Jolter can deliver over 140 lbs. of pressure to clear whatever is clogging the toilet.K-CO PRODUCTS LLC TWIST AND SEAL CORD PROTECT 949-276-5252 OR DAVID@KCO-PRODUCTS.COM The Twist and Seal Cord Protect is specifically designed toFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 140fit standard homeowner extension cords. Protecting the cord connections on string lights, bird baths, fountain pumps, and yard lights is a breeze with the Cord Protect. The patented sealing system and built-in strain relief will keep connections together and the water out. Proudly made in the USA.TWIST AND SEAL888-945-4545 OR TWISTANDSEAL.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 138 REPLACEMENT STOPPERSThe Amazing Fit-All FLIP IT Replacement Stoppers make life easier! These unique stoppers contain a specially-designed ball-shift toggle system which opens and closes the drain with a simple push of the toe or finger. For the bath tub, the Flip It Tub Stopper (Part #P10-100, HOT WATER RECIRCULATING PUMPChrome Finish) is the perfect solutionHow long do you wait for hot water when you turn on the for when your bath tub drain systemfaucet? 30 seconds? Two minutes? Longer? A Nevercold needs expensive repairs. The Flip Ithot water recirculating system eliminates the water waste of Sink Stopper is a quick fix for whenup to 12,000-gallons a year along with the wait. This system the pop-up assembly breaks in theallows you to get instant hot water at every faucet! Equipped bathroom sink. For more information,with a built-in timer to save energy, the kit includes all the visit pppmfgco.com and ask about thenecessary components for easy installation.new FLIP IT CWO! EZ-FLO INTERNATIONALPPP MANUFACTURING COMPANY 800-486-5256 EXT. 6026 OR NEVERCOLDWATER.COM800-473-1803 FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 141FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 139May 2020 CUTTINGEDGE Products 35'