b'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTPAINT & SUNDRIES PAINT STRIPPERBLUE BEAR Paint Stripper with Safenol is a safe and effective stripper that contains no Methylene Chloride or NMP. This stripper effectively removes multiple layers of paint, varnish, enamel, urethane, other simple coatings, and lead-based paint. BLUE BEAR Paint Stripper with Safenol is a safe, low odor, biodegradable, non-caustic coating remover for any DIY project! This product is available at:Ace 5309303True Value 9238Do it Best 7068FRANMAR800-538-5069 ORCUSTSERV@FRANMAR.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 136 EXTENSION POLETwist-Lok is our lightest anodized aluminum extension pole. Best for use with lightweight painting, staining and dusting tools. Anodizing allows Twist-Lok to also be used in wet applications such as window cleaning. This bi-directional locking extension pole locks/unlocks with a twist in either direction. Available in several sizes. Made in the USA.MR. LONGARM, INC.800-821-3508 OR MRLONGARM.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 134 RESTOR-A-FINISHRestores the original color and luster of wood finishes in one step, without removing any of the existing finish. With a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process, most finished wood surfaces that seem to need a complete refinishing job can be restored in a few minutes. White heat rings and watermarks, scratches, color fade, oxidation, smoke damage and most 4-FT. SCAFFOLDother blemishes can be quicklyThe Metaltech Jobsite Series 4 Multi-level 4 ft scaffold with eliminated. Available in Neutraltwo large platforms and a safety rail for safer work. Fold away and 8 finish colors. Before your customers go to thetool shelf included keeping tools close at hand. Folds flat for extreme of stripping it, suggest Restor-A-Finish! compact storage and transport.HOWARD PRODUCTS, INC. METALTECH805-227-1000 OR HOWARDPRODUCTS.COM 800-363-7587 OR METALTECH.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 135 FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 13734 CUTTINGEDGE ProductsMay 2020'