b'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTPAINT & SUNDRIES MASTIC AND ADHESIVE REMOVERTackle remodeling old concrete surfaces like a pro! BLUE BEAR Mastic Remover for Concrete Surfaces is an effective green choice to easily remove old black mastics, glues and adhesives under the carpet. Safely restore concrete back to a smooth surface for creative decorating. It effectively removes newer mastics, layered adhesives, even 50+ year-old glues. It has virtually no odor, is made with 100% American grownsoybeans and is GHS compliant. This product is available at: Ace 5309303; True Value 9238; Do it Best 7068 7-IN. DECK STAIN APPLICATOR KIT FRANMARWoodmates Kit includes the tools you need to stain your800-538-5069 ORdeckin one bag! The 7-inch deck stain applicator sailsCUSTSERV@FRANMAR.COMover even the roughest deck boards and the contour stainFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 132applicator flexes in and out to easily stain balusters, rails, spindles and other contoured surfaces. Tear-resistant foam pads hold and release more stain than other pads and prevent dripping and pooling for a smooth finish. Dry and store in the convenient mesh bag. Made in the USA.MR. LONGARM, INC.800-821-3508 OR MRLONGARM.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 130PAINT & VARNISH REMOVERDads Easy Spray is a very powerful, fast acting, highly effective, methylene chloride-free Paint & Varnish Remover. This product will remove multiple layers of paint and varnish without damaging 4-IN-1 SCAFFOLDBENCHwood, metal and masonry.This all-inclusive bench performs Dads Easy Spray beginsmultiple duties! Can be used for Scaffolding, Miter saw working in two minutes onstand, Storage rack and Utility cart. The Metaltech 4-in-1 most surfaces and will softenScaffoldBench is a traditional Baker Scaffold with a reversible more difficult coatings in five minutes. A powerful gel-typeplatform; one side is a regular deck, the other one is a miter formula improves cling and cutting power on both vertical andsaw stand! A storage shelf is included so that you can also horizontal surfaces. use it as a garage storage unit on wheels! Turns it into a cart if SUNNYSIDE CORPORATION you need to move heavy items from your truck to the job!847-541-5700 OR SUNNYSIDECORP.COM METALTECHFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 131 800-363-7587 OR METALTECH.COMFOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 13324 CUTTINGEDGE ProductsMay 2020'