b'o Inc.866.781.7797 | birdbgone.comQUALITY YOU CAN TRUSTWE MAKE IT EASYTO ADD BIRD CONTROL TO YOUR PRODUCT MIX RETAIL DISPLAYDIY BIRD CONTROL.High Margins INCLUDES Professional Quality at Affordable Prices CASE QTYS OF Brand RecognitionPROVEN RESULTS.Reliable Fulfillment & DistributionFlash Tape Scare Diverters MerchandisingScare Balloons State-of-the-Art ManufacturingBird Spike Hawk DecoysFEATURED PRODUCTSReflect-a-Bird Critter Shield Transparent Bird Gel Bird SpikesSpinning Bird Deterrent Electronic Pest Deterrent Bird Repellent Stainless Steel & PlasticNEW SpectrumV EFFECTIVE ON ALL BIRD SPECIES!HOLOGRAPHIC BIRD GEL Holographic reflection SIGHT technology createsProduct Features:visual hot spots that BIRD CONTROL MADE EASY scares birds away.Low-cost humane solution Includes 12 easy to install dishesEasy, Economical & Effective Proprietary blend ofwith self-adhering dotsSMELL ingredients creates an aroma that is Provides up to 10 of protectionunpleasant to birds.Non-toxic; not harmful to birdsSelf-Adhering Dots for LOW COST SensoryProtects Edges,If touched birds do Gel wont melt, evaporate or freezenot like the sticky Easy Installation Bird Deterrent Ledges and More! SENSE sensation on their feet, U.V. Protectedencouraging them to Made in the U.S.A.o Inc. Made in USA leave the area.FOR MORE INFORMATION CIRCLE 109'