b'A mericans love a good barbeque. Most of us cant resist firing up the grill and showing off our culinary skills when its time to entertain outdoors. A few years ago, grilling was a summer pastime. When the season was over, grills were tucked away and retrieved the following year. However, that changed when grilling maestros and cooking videos showed everyone how to grill with style and flair. Thats good news for home improvement retailers who want to engage consumers and keep them coming back for more. The industry generated $1.47 billion in grill sales in 2016. That figure has grown in the past three years at a steady pace.Seven in 10 adults in the U.S. own a grill or smoker 56 percent of grill purchases are replacements 29 percent of grills are first time purchases ID 161053628Pojoslaw | Dreamstime.comkitchen. Consumers want to experience grilling in their own UPGRADING TO EXPENSIVE GRILLS unique ways. Eighty-three percent of consumers own three Many consumers who enjoy grilling are ready to upgrade.or more accessories to make grilling more enjoyable.Almost 50 percent of the people who already own a grill plan to buy a new grill within the next two years. Thirty- SPICE THINGS UP WITH SAUCES AND MARINADESfive percent of these consumers want to buy a better-qualityGrilling is popular because it adds a distinctive flavor model. Stocking more expensive grills, beyond basic modelsto food. However, consumers want to spice things up gives consumers options to trade-up and can motivateeven more with sauces and marinades. Cooking sauces, them to purchase at specific stores. This can happenmarinades, and dressings generated $9.1 billion in 2018, without ramping up inventory. Keeping a model of theand sales have continued to climb. As mentioned earlier, grills on display, and one or two in stock can accommodateconsumers want options and look forward to trying new customers who want to take their purchase home right away.products. Offering sauces and accessories to accompany grills adds visual interest and a pop of color to the grill FOOD TRENDS IMPACTS GRILLING area. Focus on providing unusual flavors or local brands to Whether its Italian, Mexican, Greek, or Chineseethnicpromote repeat sales.food has taken center stage. Consumers who want to createRetailers who invest the time and space required to sell grills the perfect meal outdoors are always buying new tools andcan enhance the overall shopping experience. Barbecuing accessories to add to their collection. Keeping these itemsis no longer just a pastime, but an integral part of the North handy gives them the option to cook non-traditional foodsAmerican lifestyle, said Jack Goldman, president, and CEO, on the grill. They hope to duplicate the meals served in theirHearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. We expect consumers favorite restaurants or those prepared in the comfort of theirpassion for flavorful food and entertaining their family to *(Source: HPBA State of the Barbecue Industry Report) continue. The future for the barbecue industry looks bright. May 2020 CUTTINGEDGE Products 13'