b'SPOTLIGHTON BUSINESSGen ZThe Future of ID 164085069Sergii Gnatiuk | Dreamstime.comRetailBy Wanda LenoirC all them what you wantGen Z, iGen or the 66 percent expect retailers to provide same day servicemall generation, younger shoppers born 39 percent say late packages are their biggest frustration between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s 89 percent said free shipping is a significant factor will be the moving force in shaping the retail landscape inIn commenting on the survey, Graham Jackson, Fluent just a few years. Although Millennials typically dominateCommerce CEO, says This research shows that next conversations about buying preferences, its wise to lookgeneration shoppers dont necessarily want their online orders down the road to prepare for the next significant disruptionimmediately, but that convenience is still an important factor in how we purchase products, consume media, and engagewhen deciding which retailers to shop with. Most consumers in social interactions. While it would be easy to assume thataged between 14 and 24 expect same day pickup and are the habits of Gen Z closely mirror those of Millennials, thatwilling to travel for this convenience.isnt always the case. The influence of Gen Z is too powerful to ignoreitsOPTIMIZING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE projected in 2020 they will become the largest generation ofThe mall generation absorbs information that is readily consumers, with an estimated $143 billion in direct spending.available at their fingertips, and takes pleasure in the overall Many observers predict the rate of change will happen fasterin-store shopping experience. They conduct independent and be more intense because instant gratification has nowresearch and collect information before making a final become a cultural norm. purchasing decision. Younger shoppers look forward to interacting with products in-store to converse with other SURVEY REVEALS 73% OF GENshoppers. These young shoppers are native consumers of Z ALSO SHOP IN-STORE technology and become highly frustrated when things dont Fluent Commerce, the cloud-native order managementwork out according to plan.company, recently released the research results from a survey the company conducted with 5,000 consumers between theAPPEALING TO GENERATION Zages of 14 and 24. The vast majority of younger shoppersRecent research indicates retailers who want to attract (73 percent) prefer shopping in-store, rather than shoppingGeneration Z shoppers should offer a seamless customer exclusively online. Twenty-five percent of respondents likeexperience that quickly fulfills their need for products. The both options. Here are a few findings related to deliveriesexpectation is that brick-and-mortar stores will have products and online purchases: ordered online available for same-day pickup. Additionally,47 percent of Gen Z shoppers are willing to wait up tobeing out of stock on products is frowned upon and fails to seven days for their purchases to arrive meet shoppers high expectations. Gen Z customers want theShoppers are open to traveling for packages (52 percentbest of both worlds and want retailers to use technology to will go 30 minutes)deliver it to them. 12CUTTINGEDGE Products May 2020'