b'ID 142586594Wave Break Media Ltd | Dreamstime.comEmployeesFeel GoodAbout Giving BackBy Wanda LenoirI s there a cause you care deeply about and willinglydata that highlights the impacts of volunteers, we can inspire give time or money to support? In all likelihood,and mobilize more individuals and organizations to realize the answer is yes. Your employees also want totheir potential and power to become active participants in give back to the community and impact the society in whichsparking change.we live. Many proactive companies have already structuredEmployee Volunteer Programs dont need to be volunteer or giving programs that enable employees tocomplicated or costly. It can be as simple as a day of engage in outside activities on company time. Implementingservice at a local community center, shelter, or food pantry. these programs makes sound business sense for a variety ofGroup activities for a few hours in the evening or on a reasons.Sunday afternoon may also work since you may have few While most people think of large companies making theseemployees, and everyone is needed during work hours to types of programs available to their employees, independentkeep operations running smoothly. You are spending time retailers can implement them as well. One of the biggesttogether as a group builds camaraderie and is a way for challenges small businesses face is hiring and retainingpeople to get to know each other better. employees. Competing for great hires based solely on salaryGiving donations can be just as simple and is an activity may not give you a winning hand since there is alwaysthat both employees and customers can find rewarding. First, someone willing to pay a little more.decide what cause or charity your employees and business But offering employees a culture that considers theirwant to support. Maybe its responding to an emergency and interests and also promotes the beliefs of the businesscollecting for a natural disaster. It could mean launching a can make employees feel valued and willing to accept thecharitable campaign that requires consistent giving to a local position you have available or remain in their current job.or national charity. For your purpose, you may discover that Volunteers are invaluable to nonprofit organizations sincea donation box on the checkout counter fits the bill. Larger they often struggle with funding and adequate resources tobusinesses may want to match employees contributions to keep their doors open. According to Independent Sector,have more impact. Another way to help organizations raise a membership organization comprised of nonprofits,funds is to allow them to promote their cause in or near foundations, and corporations, 63 million Americansyour establishment. This option works well for the Girl volunteer more than 8 billion hours of their time. At $24.69Scouts and the Salvation Army. an hour, that adds up to a staggering 193 billion dollars.No matter what approach you take to volunteering and Volunteerism empowers people to support causes theygiving, the key to success is involving employees and getting care about. When changemakers work together to tacklethem to share ideas. Over time it becomes easier to enlist tough problems, our world becomes a better place, saidparticipants because the program has become established, Tracy Hoover, CEO of Points of Light. By sharing concreteand the benefits are evident. May 2020 CUTTINGEDGE Products 11'